The vast body of my work is painting the figure and watercolor and oils are my media of choice.  Although I will paint from still life or landscapes, I mostly am interested in working from the figure where  I am able to express an emotion or feeling by the gesture of the pose or by an expression on the face,.  My work is loose and gestural and sometimes exaggerated in nature, but closely linked to the natural elements of the figure. I have discovered the textural effects one can obtain on a Yupo, a synthetic paper. With Yupo paper I am able to explore various printmaking effects and textures as well as working more abstractly with or without the figure.


watercolor on yupo 40

The Flint River Greets Persephone


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The Flint River Greets Persephone

Watercolor on Yupo 40×26" Framed and Matted UPS Shipping will be determined after placing order